Scientz 50F Pilot Tipi Freeze Dryer / Liyofilizatör

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Ningbo Scientz Biotechnology specializes in the production of vacuum freeze dryers. There are many experienced professional senior engineers, independent production workshops, strict production according to standards, and careful and detailed factory inspection procedures to ensure the quality of each machine.

1)Pre-Freeze drying process at in situ situation, reduce the complicate operation from drying process, become automatically;2)Shelf temperature differences ± 1 °C, dry effect uniform;

3)Intermediate medium circulation technique, shelf can refrigeration, heating, temperature adjustable, controllable, pilot scale test and production process;

4)Due to drying chamber and cold trap for fission structure, special gas circuit designed, capture water ability is strong and drying time to be short;

5) Embedded touch screen, PLC controlled and PID temperature controlled display lyophilized

curve and history curve;

6)Control system can be stored 40 freeze-dry process programs, each program can have 40 temperature settings, and can choose the manual operation and automatic operation, the Top-Press type is equipped with an automatic defrost function;

7) Optional eutectic point test device;

8) U disk data available;

9) Equipped with PC software can print curve, browsing curve, modify data;

10)Square tray is shape not easily to deformed, easy to operate and clean;

Drying chamber Scientz-50F Ordinary
Drying Area 0.5 m2
No.of Tray 4+1 layer
Temp. Range -70~70 Degree
Shelf Gap 50 mm
Shelf Size 450mm×300mm
Capture water trap φ22  Schering bottles 1400
φ16  Schering bottles 2046
φ12  Schering bottles 3690
Temperature -70°C(No-load)
Ability to Capture Water 10Kg/24h
Parameters Power 4.5 kw
Power Supply 110-115V or 220-240V 50/60Hz
Plate Load Capacity 6 L
Electric Defrost
Vacuum <10 Pa


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